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Esianti: Palace of the Winds

Overview -=- Quests and Missions (By NPC name) -=- Named Spawn Overview -=- Named All Info

Tasks go in - order, if an | exists it means you can do those in any order, but have to all be done to continue on to the end. If tasks aren't listed in a chain, they can be done at any time.

See TBL Progression for info on Quest Orders.

Mercenary Quests:
Armor of Acrophobia
Beyond the Ex-pyre-ation Date
Not as Swell as You Would Think
Sweeping up the Brumes
Partisan Quests:
All Hail the King
Of Mice and Jann
Serving Another Master
Group Missions:
Contract of War

Esianti: Palace of the Winds Quests Overview By: Riou On: December 10, 2018, 11:05:24 PM

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