The "Luck" stat is a brand new player stat introduced in The Burning Lands expansion. This stat can have some very powerful effects, including random boosts to: Block, Dodge, Parry, Riposte, Melee Crit, Direct Damage Spell Crit, Damage Over Time Spell Crit, Direct Heal Spell Crit, Heal Over Time Spell Crit, Alchemy Success, Bandage, Disarm, Disarm Traps, Forage, Pick Locks, Steal, Fishing, Sense Trap, Begging, Intimidate, Taunt, and Coin.

In TBL, the Luck stat exists on non-visible items. Each item will have a minimum and maximum luck (usually a minimum of 1, and a maximum of 5). When you obtain an item that has the Luck stat, the item will have a random amount of Luck, between the items minimum and maximum Luck amounts. For example, if an item that drops from a named has a minimum of 1 luck, and a maximum of 1 luck, the first time it drops the item might have 2 luck. But the next drop could have 4 luck. You can view an items minimum and maximum luck by hovering your mouse over the luck stat on the item.

Two of the same items can be merged together to increase the Luck stat. The result will be the greater of the two Luck stats + 1. For example, I have two earrings each with 2 Luck stat. I'm going to merge them together, and the result will be 3 luck.
To do this, click the "Fuse" button on one of the two items. Next, place the other item in the red box on the Fuse Item window that pops up.

Step 1: Click the "Fuse" button on one of the two items.

Step 2: Place the 2nd item in the red box, once placed it will turn green. Then press the Fuse button.

Step 3: Enjoy your increased Luck item!

Fusing two Luck stat items together requires 1x Crystallized Luck. These items are stored in your characters Alternate Currency tab, and are automatically consumed when you Fuse two Luck stat items together. These can be obtained through the following sources:

  • EverQuest Marketplace - 200 Daybreak Cash
  • Loyalty Vendor - 250 Crowns
  • Noble Vendors - 200,000 Platinum
  • Overseer Vendor - 56,150 Overseer Tetradrachms