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Mearatas: The Stone Demesne

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Lost Missives

Quest Giver: Emli Widgetton

Requirements: Soldier of Air, Fight Fire, Any Trials of Smoke, Prisoner's Dilemma, Palace of Embers, Brass Palace, Key to the Kingdom, Contract of War, All Hail the King, Royal Visits, Tyrant of Fire, Enter Mearatas, and Serving Another Master
Request Phrase: messengers
Time Limit: Unlimited
Task Type: Solo
Lockout: 30 Minutes
Repeatable: Yes


Task Steps:

  • Kill Envoys 0/6 (Mearatas: The Stone Demesne) More Info
  • Return to Emli 0/1 (Mearatas: The Stone Demesne) More Info


  • Kill Envoys 0/6 (Mearatas: The Stone Demesne)
    • Kill envoys, found throughout the zone
  • Return to Emli 0/1 (Mearatas: The Stone Demesne)
    • Return to and Hail Emli (as indicated by on the map)

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